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Welcome, Dear Reader, to the Gonterman Shrine - a place for devotees of David Gonterman to view those works previously thought lost to history...vanished into the ether...deleted by David after he realized how fucking stupid they were. This page will grow, and change, and will hopefully provide hours of joy for those who were unable to view Davey-kins's most entertaining work, complete with notes from the archivists who have taken this onerous task upon themselves. Look...listen...laugh...thank whatever deities you worship that you are not David Gonterman.

If you have any old Gonterman works, or if you know him, or if you just feel like contacting us, feel free to send an email. Thank you for reading.

Updates: 4/10/01 - new stuff in Misc. Works, including a new "Phrackin' Up column.

5/7/01 - The Mobius Chronicles were added to the Comics section, albeit in a no-frills manner, three new texts are up in the, well, Text section, and another Phrackin' Up column sees the light of day.