Kitsune .44 page 13


1. One can only be so afraid of a man whose castle seems to be built out of giant shoeboxes.

2. Yes, "Tommy Gun Geishu." What, you didn't know that machine guns existed in medieval times? What's wrong with you?

3. Bottom panel: A lot of Gonterman's charm comes from his humorously literal choice of sound effects. I am somewhat surprised that earlier, when swords were being put in scabbards, the sfx weren't something like, "REPLACE!"

4. As opposed to a semiautomatic machine gun?

5. Assuming that automatic machine gun fire is, in fact, what killed the person whose head is being flung across the bottom panel, it must be magical machine gun fire, or impossibly precise, as your average tommy gun will reduce a man's head to paste as opposed to flinging it a few dozen yards. This "Tommy gun Geishu" is a man to be feared.