Kitsune .44 page 2


1. Oh. It was a volcano. Or maybe it's supposed to be a mountain. I can't fucking tell.

2. Judging from the background, Scott Trucker's gunshot has caused the Red Sea to instantly teleport itself to where they were standing, and then part.

3. Although it appears to have been caught in one of a series of soap bubbles that are inexplicably emanating from the shoulder of the shot man, his sword is actually spinning away from him. Perhaps you and your friends can make a fun game out of trying to figure out why he threw it. 4. Much mention has been made of David Gonterman's knack for making his protagonists almost godlike. In almost every case, these characters are self-insertions - although this one's name is Scott, the hairstyle is a dead giveaway. Anyway, David has once again painted this character as a fearless, intrepid adventurer whose skills in every field are almost divine. On this page, this is shown by him facing down an opponent armed only with a sword - and blowing his goddamn lungs out with a .44.