A Firestorm FanFic

By David Gonterman

Anything Disney by The Walt Disney Company
Story by David Gonterman []

"Dang. Ain't it always the case, Roy? You turn your back for
five minutes and the whole phracking Kingdom just goes to pot!"

Roy Disney spoke unenthusiastically to new Animation Intern David
Gonterman. "Living proof that I'm the new heart and soul of The
Walt Disney Company."

"Dang straight. So why all the cops on Main Street USA?"

"Some jerk just kidnaped Mickey Mouse."

"No way!!"

"Afraid so, David. We've got him pinned up on Cinderella's
Castle but he's threatening to throw Mickey out the window. Form
that height . . ."

He looked for the tallest spire through binoculars. He found a
very desperate man with a gun at one hand and holding Mickey by
the scuff of his neck with the other. Neither he or David can
hear the desperado's shouting over the crowd.

"Who *is* this guy?"

"Don't know son--" "*I* do!!"

One of Disney's lawyers approached and informed Roy that the
abductor's wanted for copyright infringement. David gave him a
cross face as we went away. He thought a tightly hissed
obscenity was needed.

"I hate these pricks."


"Copyright Infringement, the barracuda said? That guy up there
could have been *anyone.* Even me."

"Oh really, that reminds me." Roy suddenly turned toward David,
who let out a gulp. Roy's gesture made David's mouth go dry, as
it often does when David senses that he's in trouble.

But Roy Disney only smiled and shook his head. "Son, what you
put up on the Internet was the exact stuff that got you into our
Internship, not in a lawsuit like this guy did. For Your
Information; we have our legal department as aggressive as it is
primarily to stomp out unlicenced use for our characters for
personal gain, as well as to deter using our characters and
stories that would tarnish their images; we are *very* protective
of our meal tickets, especially Mickey there. But you, David
Gonterman, only use out characters only for fandom works;
pictures and Fan Fiction. And you have an excellent portrayal of
our characters as well, those are darn good stories on your web
page. You needn't have to worry too much about us, son, outside
of us reminding you to keep our characters in character. Besides
. . . (He got closer) . . . I would rather have you work for me
than against me. heh-heh-heh. . . . Well, you needn't worry
about Mickey; I have some of the best paramilitary forces on the
planet. We'll probably have our Mouse rescued by the time you
get yourself unpacked. Gusto'll show you to your room over at
the villa."

"Gusto . . . as in Gusto Gummi?"

Yep. As in Gusto Gummi. (Roy smirks almost evilly.) He's an
Animation Intern too. "I have read your Fanficts, David, and
they are one of the best I've read. I really love Mickey's cameo
in Haunted Fantasies. <chuckle> 'Oh, and Foxglove gives you her
regards,' just as you slam the door on him. That was
*inspired!!* And those graphics too; are those Anime pics? I
can see that style on ya. Oh, and is this your prescription?
What's it for?"

"Glad you liked them. Now where's that telephone hookup for my
computer? There it is!! Those pills are for a minor case of
Clinical Depression. It's easily treatable; the most it ever
gives me now is the occasional blue mood and shyness. Nothing
that would stop me from drawing."

"You've got *Depression?* I thought you were just plain *NUTS*
with your web page. We're talking stuff that got Roy to stand up
and take notice. That's what got you in here, everybody'll tell
ya, Davey."

"Roy sure did. Oh, how did you got in?"

"You forget that I'm a Disney Toon. After our cartoon series,
I've been hanging around the animation studio all the time.
Learned their trade from watching them, I did. And now I talked
Roy into getting me in their Intern Program hoping that I would
go pro. Imagine, my friend: A Disney Toon making Disney
Cartoons!! I'll be famous!! I'll be rich!! I'll have thousands
of groupies at my feet!! My God, it'll be wonderful!!"

By now David was chuckling nervously to himself. 'This is the
guy I'm going to be bunking with for the next three months?'

Gusto saw his nervousness and immediately wrapped his arm around
him. "Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave!! I've gotta get you over to a
place I know soon after you've unpacked. We'll get a few drinks,
find a couple babes, and get you to relax. You're not going to
be shuttling yourself between your drawing desk and your computer
all this time if I can help it."

"Here you go, Gusto." A much older Grammi Gummi hands Gusto what
looked like a whisky flask filled with Gummiberry Juice. "Don't
drink it all in one place, sonny."

"Don't you send any message about Adult Beverages with that shape
of bottle, Grammi?"

"David, that shape of bottle is modern day Gummi technology.
It's just easier to carry, that all. And *I* always keep my
flasks clearly marked, so nobody will have any question just
*what* is in them. Oh, and just a shot of it ain't gonna so
anything for you, sonny. You need the full bottle to get that
super strength effect, and even then, they still only work once
in any 24-hour period."

"I know, I just wanted to know what it tastes like." David drank
half that shot glass and savored the taste a bit, smiling. "I
wonder if this stuff mixes well with Diet Pepsi."

Grammi did the long-paused 'this is New' take. "Honesty, sonny,
I never thought of that. Mix it with Cola, that is. I did it
with Ginger Ale, Club Soda, Periade; high-classed carbonated
drinks. Makes a great float in warmer days."

"I'm sure I'll let you know before I'm done here, then."

"Just be careful, sonny. It makes carbonated water foam up
plenty when just a teaspoon is mixed in. Gummiberry Juice is
very potent, I'll let you know."

Grammi then proceeded to tell David that you can not only drink
the juice, but you can run your car on it; like premium unleaded
gasoline although the exhaust will spew out fruit-flavored clumps
that won't be good for the muffler, which won't be needed because
the car will run quieter as well; the explosions in the motor
action aren't as loud. You can also freeze it into the
consistency of ice cream which can be eaten, or boiled into a
thick substance that's not unlike Flubber. David made the
relation with Gummiberry Juice to a similar substance named
Protocultre. Of course, neither Gusto nor Grammi were Anime
fans, do David was explaining Robotech to them by the time a
newsfeed came on the satellite TV.

The Disney Paramilitary force has failed in rescuing Mickey.
Apparently the Desperado got some of the Disney Villains, unknown
at this time, to his cause, and they fought with the soldiers. A
few have been taken away on stretchers.

"They've underestimated this joker. He's serious, not to mention
good. He somehow got some of the bad guys on his side. This is
getting bad."

"Don't I know it, sonny."

"We've gotta stop this guy before he *really* does something

"But what can *you* do, Gusto?"

"A lot, Grammi. I have the Gummi Medallion and the Great Book

"I know," Grammi sighs. "You inherited it from Zummi when he
passed away [A moment of silence was shared in the room]. I just
want you to be careful with Gummi Magic. You don't know how
powerful they can be, Gusto."

"I'll be careful, Grammi. I was just thinking that I can go up
that castle and snatch Mickey from that jerk's hands. Hey, and
you can join me, David. Whatyasay? Storm the Castle together?
We'll both be famous."

But David's mind was on something else. "I could swear that I
know this guy . . ."

He found out when he got at his E-Mail: A name. Michael A.

"He's the guy who does all those MickeyGate entries in They all are flames on Michael
Eisner's reign over here. Everybody thinks he's just a kook,
even me. I responded to his letter and got one of his form
letters saying that he just want's to save the world. [makes a
gesture saying that Pitzel's got some screws loose]. Guess they
should've taken him seriously now, eh?"

"Hey, look at this. In his latest installment. He says that
he's gonna make us all listen to him by kidnaping Mickey and
holding him hostage."

"That's the second time that happened. I don't think Mickey
would like it."

"Hey neither does the rest of the Kingdom."

"I know what needs to be done. Let me activate some programs in
my web site. Grammi, do you have my padding ready."

"I do, dearie. All of them filled with Grammi's favorite recipe
of hard-boiled Gummiberries. They should protect you enough.
Are you sure you want to do this David?"

All over Main Street, someone was passing a URL Internet Address
all over. Upon accessing it from their web browsers, they will
find a message about two modern-day nights of chivalry storming a
modern-day castle to save a modern-day kingdom, and below that
two live-feed Quicktime Video Windows. One for Gusto, the other
for David. Both connected to the head-mounted cameras they're

"It's a good thing we were able to raid Innoventions over at
EPCOT for all these neeto stuff, Davey." Gusto holds a air-power
pellet gun loaded with stun gels.

"Yeah," David holds up twin Pulse Throwers. "I thought we
needed an edge. Shall we begin?"

"Iiiiit's Show Time!!"

As Gusto said that, Shockwave animation popped on the Web Page.
A running score for both players, and a map showing where they're
are. Right now they're in the service tunnels beneath Main
Street U.S.A.

"We'll use these tunnels to get under the castle, go up it from
inside, and reach our target from behind. Any questions?"

"Normally I say no," Gusto turned around, "but those oversized
playing cards are greatly affecting my judgement."

David quickly charged the Toons from "Alice in Wonderland" with
both Pulse Throwers drawn. "Let's Play . . ."

The events that followed were a live-action version of Doom as if
it were programmed by Walt Disney himself. Practically every
Disney Villain got between David and Gusto and rescuing Mickey.
The majority of them can be easily dispatched with a Sonic Boom
or a Neuro-Shock gelatin paint pellet, both of them were made to
take a man--or a Toon--down without inflicting any heavy damage,
but a few of them needed some strategy. For Instance, David
needed to nearly overload one of his Throwers to break Captain
Hook's wooden leg--"I didn't know he *had* one of those."--out
from under him. Gusto summoned a small tornado to suck Jafar
back into his lamp, so David can drop kick it back to Disneyland
Paris--"That's four points in Arena Football, Gusto!"

And then there was someone in a gargoyle-looking powersuit
trapped under a fallen I-bar. The heavy metal was easily thrown
aside by the Pulse blast, only to find the person inside the
powersuit to be:


Gusto was just as surprised. "Xanatos?! What the heck are you
doing here, and in that? You look like Goliath."

"I'm doing what you two yourselves are doing, I suppose. Being
the majority stockholder in Disney, I have a vested interest in
that mouse. Just like you, in a way, for more [he raises an
eyebrow that ruffles Gusto] sentimental reasons."

"We can discuss ethics with Mr. Frankenstein later." David
interrupted. "We've got a toon to save. Coming Xannie?"

'Xannie' follows but for nothing else than to ask David why he
referred him as Mary Shelley's mad scientist.

"I did a full media search on you. Xanatos. I must say that I'm
impressed, you resemble Victor Frankenstein in many ways. The
same personality traits, the same thirst for power, the same
scruples, [It's David's turn to raise an eyebrow] or lack

"HEY!! I thought he weren't going to discuss ethics now!!"

"You've even got your own monsters, according to reports on these
'Gargoyles' dudes."

"For the record, David Gonterman, I *didn't* make them, I freed
them: There were stuck inside these stone statues by some spell,
which I broke when I lifted the castle they were in on top . . .
of my . . . Hey guys, check this out!!"

The three reached the area directly under Cinderella's Castle,
and found what looks like a giant Trivia Pursuit lying on the
ground, with each piece of the definitely-more-than-six-piece-pie
being a portal into another world . . . "David, these portals
lead to every movie Disney's ever made!! Look!! This one leads
to Agrabah!!"

"And this one goes straight to King Triton's throne chamber!!"

"Here's one to Gay Paris, City of zee arteest, [Gusto's French
accent proved grating to the two humans] and setting of Disney's
newest movie, 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame.'"

Xanatos asked David from the portal to 1608 Virginia, "Are you
pondering what I'm pondering, David?"

"Xannie," David mutters from the London portal, "This 'hub' links
every Disney flick with each other, combining them *all* into *a
single universe*!! Imagine the possibilities--"

"Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, and Pocahontas--in the same room!!"

"Villains attacking heros in other films"

"Story lines crossing with each other so much, they'll look like

"Human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together, total hysteria"

". . . And Ratcliff trying to give Xanatos an uppercut all the
way from Colonial Days."


Both David and Gusto point into the 'hub.' Xanatos looked down
to find a certain overly fat, human exploiting, land defacing,
gold hungry bastard of a Colony leader climbing up the portal

"Head's up!!" Xanatos aimed a blaster straight down into
Ratcliff's ugly face and fired. The blast knocked the lard
straight down several stories back to none-of-the-three cares

"Head's off!! Good shot, Xannie!!"

"Back to business, where to now?"

"Up these stairs . . . what? More of them Jolly Roger pirates?
Geez, no rest for the wicked. YAAAAAH!!"

Just as the three continued to blast their way up the castle,
another figure climbs out of the portal marked "Pocahontas;" A
feminine figure of copper skin and raven black hair. She slumps
over the side to catch her breath.

"By the Great Spirit!! It's a good thing these portals are
wide!! I thought that Ratcliff would squeeze me flat on his way

A raccoon soon appears over the ledge, who drops over after the

"What do you think all that was about up there, Meeko? I should
try to follow them, but this dress I have on now wouldn't seen
right when following three guys with weird-looking guns, even by
1996 standards. I better change."

The woman silently slipped over to an easily forgotten locker
marked "Pocahontas" with a duffle bag inside. The woman picks up
the bag and moves to a easily-reached restroom.

It took 50 more minutes of playing Disneyian Doom to take David,
Gusto, and Xanatos to the top floor, where they almost collapse
through the door behind Michael Pitzel, who promptly went out the
window to hold Mickey over the ledge for all the screaming crowd
to see.

David tried to talk to the man. "Now, Now, Michael. I know that
times are tough and some people can be total--pardon my french--assholes at times. . ."

"I should know."

Everybody shouted at the person that cracked that: "SHUT *UP,*

" . . . *anyway,* I severely doubt that things can be righted by
taking pot shots at cartoon characters owned by the Company
you've obviously got rubbed the wrong way."

"Yeah, pal. Michael Eisner's reign as Disney's King is *over.*
He's bowing out within the week. And I'm sure that Roy's not
that way at all. I don't know about Mr. Steel Clan here."

"Oh sure, pin a big question mark on me. . . its not that it's
warranted or anything . . ."

David was ignoring Xanatos by now, a cardinal mistake if done
anytime else, knowing what he knows on David Xanatos from his
Internet Greepings, but he wasn't the threat at the time. "Come
on, Mike. Drop the mouse. Let's talk it out. Surely we can
make an understanding."

But David stepped too close.

Michael threw Mickey over the ledge.



During a throw, David notices a lucky rabbit's foot pinned to
Michael's lapel. His eyes grew wide; he knows who brought him
here, whispered words in his head, and even turned several bad
guys to his cause. He should know who. He made the character
who done all this behind the scenes, based on some fetish he once
had with Halloween costumes.

"Oh, heck, th' rating's gonna suck anywaaaaa . . ."

David makes an heroic flying leap for Mickey as Michael gets
tackled by Xanatos.

Gusto follows David to the ledge while pulling his anti-gravity
spell from his memory.

David catches Mickey. "Gotcha!!" "Yeah, heh-heh, but who's got

David realizes that he has just jumped 7 feet off the ledge to
catch Mickey. Now there are *two* people plummeting to terra
firma to the horror of the crowds. Both were screaming.

Gusto stood on the ledge and casted his spell, using whatever was
left in his youthful energy.

David and Mickey were five feet above the ground when the spell
took effect, allowing them to land, albeit roughly. David
suffered a slight strain on his right ankle, bringing back an old
injury. otherwise, except for a few bruises, he'll live. Mickey
was safe on the ground, officially rescued and unharmed.

Medical crews promptly rushed to David's aid, where the hurting
but otherwise unbroken ankle was wrapped in gauze and placed him
on a stretcher.

"They're both okay," Xanatos said with his wicked grin as he
hoisted Michael up high. "That's a good thing, considering that
I was about to throw you after them if they were to die very . .
. Un-Disney-like."

David's stretcher passed by to Roy, who was very grateful.
"Thank you, son. You did the job when Disney's greatest forces
couldn't do at that time."

"Well," David felt a buzz in his head that could be related to
after winning the Ironman Triathalon, "sometimes it helps if you
think small for once. Right, Gusto?"

The Gummi Bear who just arrived on ground floor could only nod as
he caught his breath. Storming the Castle proved formidable to
Toons as well.

"How can I thank you, David, for what you did today?"

"Simple. Don't sue me. I know what's happening, and I'm afraid
part of it's my fault. . ."

Later on, in Roy's office in the Animation Building, David gives
Roy his explanation, with Mickey as a witness.

Roy tries to see if he got this right: "So, this Pippkin
character, kidnaped Mickey Mouse here, and took him into your
"Blood and Metal" story in the "Haunted Fantasies" chapter."

"Yes, Roy. Fortunately, it was only a cameo, and I was written
out almost as quickly as I was in; I just pushed this Crockett
character in the right direction, which was needed. I came in,
gave him the tools to take out this bunny suit, and I left. But
it appears that I wasn't the only Disney Toon over in Mobius.
'Foxglove gave Davey her regards?' Jeez, know I know *where* she
was sucked into."

"T-t-t-t-that wasn't mine--"

Mickey turned to a near-sweating David and gave him one of his
patented smiles. "I know, David. And you needn't worry about
any lawsuits from us. There's three reasons why. The first is
that you're actually *working* for us at this time. We don't
shoot ourselves on the foot, do we?"

"Besides, I always wanted to do a Mickey Story, even if it was
just once."

"Doesn't everybody? #2, you're not the guilty party. Pippkin
is. He's the one who sent me screaming and kicking into your
story. I got out and ruined his day, of course. And judging by
how Pippkin got some of our Villains over to Pitzel's side, it
appears that he's got a grudge against me."

"I'll get the troops on him right away." Roy reaches for the
phone, but Mickey stops him. "He's against *me*, Roy. I want to
take him in. [He rubs his fist.] I want to deal with this bunny
suit of David's personally."

"Pippkin's yours, Mick. Do with him whatever you wish."

"Thanks. Oh, and Number Three. Roy, I believe you have a
package for Mr. Gonterman."

"Why yes." Roy hands David a long box. David opened it to find
a baseball cap with a raccoon tail tied to the back and . . .

"A Zordon 16 Power Rifle? And this . . . I know this suspenders,
too. These belonged to David C--"

"Not Crockett, David." Roy corrected. "Kintobor. He wanted me
to give it to you because, now that he's a kitsune, he feels that
he no longer needs the Davey Crockett handle. He decided to give
it back to you."

"Kintobor gave these to you? To give them to the guy who made
him. That's impossible. It's also impossible having Pippkin
mucking in Disney World."

" . . . unless . . . "

" . . . i'm in my own FanFict universe."

There are times, when Roy Disney smiles, he looks like a
tail-less Jenner from "The Secret of NIMH." This is one of those
times. "Correct. Whatever you're writing on this Internet, you
will no doubt experience, right along with all us poor
unfortunate souls. Some may call this poetic justice, knowing
what you did on some of your Installments." He starts to
chuckle. "I'd figure this would be better than siccing them
damned bureaucrats on your tail. It'll save us a lot of money.
Besides, it would be more fun too. Hey listen, I got an
appointment to go to. I'll leave you two to sweat it out."

David's mouth was back to dry as Roy leaves the office. Mickey
tries to shake the shock out of him. "Don't be too nervous about
it all. It's not like the world's going to end with this file.
heh-heh You will be writing others, will you. . . . Like your
fans won't let you stop . . . Say, heh-heh, you look pretty
thirsty. I'll get you a drink. Don't worry about getting up
with your right leg. I'll get it for you."

But as Mickey turns to get a glass, who walked into the office
with Gusto . . ."

"ROY?!? I thought you had an appointment?!"

"Yeah, Mickey. With David Gonterman here."

"B-B-But if you wus . . . if that weren't . . . who . . ."

"David, David, David," Roy held David by the shoulders. "You
didn't get one of Walt's strokes over your Fanficts again, did
you? My word, son, with your Type A Personality you've got
there, you'll end up in an ice cube! <chuckle> I just wanted to
thank you for saving Mickey, and want to give you the weekend off
to recover from your ordeal. Here's a $50 advance from your
paycheck, with the warning not to blow it all in one place
<Chuckle> I'll be seeing you and your bear friend bright and
early Monday morning. Now Scoot, I've got a lot of stuff to do
now that I can concentrate on my work." He sat down at his
chair, then dug around under his seat. He pulled out a rabbit's
foot with David's name on it. "David, son. Your ambitions are
way too high. tsk-tsk-tsk. You have a lot of ladder climbing to
do before you could ever think about taking his office."

Mickey and David's faces went white as Roy tossed the foot to
David; they just realized just who was impersonating Roy Disney
just then.

"Er, heh-heh. Roy, when FoxFire arrives here, could you have him
see me in my office?"

"Sure thing," Roy said as Mickey led David out. As they parted
ways, David could hear Mickey mutter, 'it's not enough he had to
kidnap me . . . twice . . . he had to get the guy who wrote him
too . . . I'll turn that bunny suit into a fur coat for Minnie .
. .'

"Something wrong Daveroonie?" Gusto tries to reach him. "You
look like someone stepped on your grave."

"Oh, Gawd. I need a drink, Gusto. Point me to the nearest
7-Eleven fast, before I go for that Gummiberry Flask in your
shirt . . ."

Sometime after the crowd had left, a black figure separated from
the shadows. The Indian girl had changed into a skin tight all
black leather and cloth assortment. She dived through the
bushes, not wanting to be seen by the remaining visitors, until
she made it to the rescued mouse still recovering with a soda.

She leaned over a railing near Mickey's ear. "You're safe."

Mickey nearly had a heart attack. "YAAAAAAHHH!!" He spun around
with his eyes wide at the one who just spoke to him, who had on
an innocent face, despite the clothes that would look more
fitting on Madonna; if you didn't know about--

"Pocahontas, please!! My nerves are shot enough!!"

"That third guy that was with that knight and that bear . . ."

"You mean Xanatos and Gusto?"

"Yeah. He saved your life. Who was he."

Mickey slumped back to his chair. "Name's David Gonterman. He's
an animation intern. People on the Internet know him, I don't
know about you, though."

"Is he all right, he looked hurt when he landed."

"Oh, just a sprained ankle. David's a tough bird, heh-heh.
He'll be back for more after a weekend off to heal."

Poca smiled at the thought. Wheels can be heard turning in her
head. "Where was he sent off to? I might want to check up on
him sometime."

"Oh, he's back in his apartment in the village, but I don't know
what he'll think of a Disney Princess in a get-up like you're
wearing, Poca. He might expect a high heel in his back." He
make a Mr. Poison face with that last remark, only to find that
she ducked back into the shadows.

By the time that her last words, "Mickey, I'm not that type."
register in the mouse's brain, Pocahontas had climbed over the
fence and out of the amusement park. Walking alongside Lake
Buena Vista, she saw her reflection in the water. She checked
herself to see if she looks okay, and notices the clothes she has
on. "Hmmm, perhaps I *should* explain why I'm wearing this.

She cheerfully picked up the speed along the dark night . . .