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The Comics

NiTRO - This is the centerpiece of this collection. Some time ago, Gonterman got fed up with having his work made fun of in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 style, and this was the result. This work was donated by JRR, who initially posted about it here, at Portal of Evil. This comic is quite image-intensive (as such, it may take a long time to load), and is classic Gonterman. Also includes footnotes.

Sally Protest - As you may have gathered, Davey-Kins is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan. When a writer named Ken Penders killed off the character Princess Sally, David was outraged, and Penders was the target of a Gonter-Hate comic. In short he did this piece, about Sally being angry at her treatment and Gonterman being her salvation. It's confusing as hell, and things like this bring to mind the movie "Misery" a little too much. It was sent in by Jen White, who is responsible for most of the Shrine's Gonter-works. Annotated.

Kitsune .44 - A rather bizarre original story (involving a man named Scott Trucker and his .44 in feudal Japan) that, at the very least, doesn't contain anyone else's characters or anyone named Davey-Kins. Or David. Although the main character is still a pretty blatant self-insertion, but it wouldn't be Gonterman without it. It also contains his worst furry girl ever, which is pretty impressive when you take into account the story above this one. Now features the complete version. This piece was donated by both Jen White and Boaj, Lord of Cashews. Footnotes by Shrine archivists JSP and his girlfriend, the lovely and talented Isobel.

Misc. Art - Some odds and ends with writeups. Submitted by Boaj Lord of Cashews and Root.

Misc. Art, part 2 - More odds and ends, submitted by Root. Features some original comments by Gonterman on his own work, some comments by Root, and some addenda by JSP.

Sonic: The Mobius Chronicles - A requested work that, due to technical difficulties on this side, almost didn't see the light of day. Almost. Sadly the presentation is pretty no-frills - it links right to the folders and files - but that shouldn't stop you from "enjoying" it. More or less. Sent in by Jen White.