A Disney FanFict set in the Firestorm universe

By David Gonterman

All Disney Characters by The Walt Disney Company
Jonathan Brisby, Pippkin, and David Kintobor by David Gonterman

Song: "Heaven Can Wait," by Meatloaf


Jonathan Brisby talks to Gadget Hackwrench over coffee.

JB: "Can't you believe it, Gadget? The R.A.S can take Chip and
Dale and leave us mice behind. I mean, *we're* the selling
points behind the Rescue Rangers."

Gadget: "I know, Jonathan. I was just hoping that . . . I would
get close to either one of them . . . you know?"

JB: "I know, but, what would that do about us? hmmm?"

Jonathan moves his hand next to Gadget's, who takes it.

Gadget: "Golly, you're right, JB. Y'now, maybe we could start
over, just you and me. We can be the next Mickey and Minnie."

At this point, Monterey Jack enters the room.

Montey: "*That* outta be a trip, Gadget luv: You in a red polka
dotted dress!! HAHAHAHA--"

Gadget: "Hold it Montey. We've got an incoming newsfeed:"

Announcer: "Tonight at 8:00 p.m. Michael Eisner, CEO of The
Walt Disney Company for more than a decade, will announce his
retirement for health considerations."

Gadget: "Golly, first the Rescue Rangers break up, now this."

Montey: "Too right. But personally, I saw this coming after
that emergency quad by-pass of his."

Zipper tosses Jonathan the remote of the TV.

Zipper: [This sucks]

JB: "Yeah--change it!!"


Mickey Mouse and David Kintobor, a two-tailed cyborg kitsune
officially hired as an intern animator, stake out a bad girl
rabbit, who was inspecting her figure behind a shade.

David: "That's her, Mick. Pippkin."

Mickey: "Gosh, I thought Pippkin was a guy!"

David: "He had an improntu sex change just before he left

Mickey: "I see. He--er, heh-heh--she must've seen too much
Roger Rabbit cartoons."

David: "You still want a piece of this rabbit, Boss?"

Mickey: "Darn right I do!!"

Mickey starts to go some hand gestures as the camera spins around

Mickey: "I'm still mad at that now sorceress for kidnapping me
in that other dimension. Think she's hot stuff being new to
magic, eh? Here's one from a pro!!"

Mickey points skyward and summons a ball of ice from outer space.
It rests on his finger.

Mickey: "MAGIC COMET--FLY!!!"

Mickey sends the comet smashing into the house Pippkin was in.
David stands there in awe at Mickey's magic attack.

Mickey: "Why, Mr. Crockett, don't be surprised. I've been doing
this stuff when you and your Sailor Scout sister were still in

David: "Did you just show off your age there, Mickey?"

Mickey: "Look who's talking, Mr. 109 years old!! You sure
you're not a McCloud?"

David: "Let's go--Rabbit stew's waiting!!"

As David rushes the house, he notices that the comet Mickey threw
just barely takes out the front door's deadbolt. He kicks it in.


Pippkin: "Aw, crud!! It's Mickey again!!"

Phantom Blot: "Yeah, and *this* time he brought friends!!"

David (Over Data Link to Mickey): "I've got Target Acquisition
on The Phantom Blot. I got this one, Pippkie's yours."

David reaches for a Duke Nukum 3-D chain gun.

Mickey (Over Data Link to David): "Careful Davey, this guys a
tricky character. I know this guy."

He speaks this out loud: "Did you think that I'd forget about
Haunted Fantsies, young lady? David here's like an elephant; he
didn't forget that Clipping penalty I accured there. sat me up
in the corner in front of cable t.v., I swear."

David: "Suffer the wrath of the Gods!!"

David empties 250 rounds around the room, laughing like a maniac,
as usual. Everything that was unfortunate enough to had the
crosshairs touched was disintergrated. Five of those bullets
tore through what looked like an invisible cloak.

David: "AH-HAH!! There you are, naughty-spawn!! Prepare to be
sent back to the pit you came from!!"

David sends a flying kick into the still invisible Phantom Blot,
who is sent flying through the window, shredding his cloak by the
glass. Meanwhile, Mickey hops over a Pippkin Magic Missile.

Mickey: "You call that a hot shot? *I'll* show you 'hot!' Have
a Fireball--Twenty Points!!"

The blast sends the bunny to the back of the hall.

Mickey: "Here's a couple Lightling Bolts to go with that!!"

That sends the bunny to the back of the house!

Mickey: "And now: A Tidal Wave!!"

Just as the flood of water approaches the bunny, she pops up a
Circle of Protection, which rebounds the wet stuff back at
Mickey. Canceling the spell before he drowns, he was sent
spinning in the air before landing on the damp carpet.

Pippkin flirts at Cartoon's Living Legend: "I'd like to see you
go through *this*, Mickey. It blocks everything except Black,
and I know you don't do Black!"

Mickey quickly gets up: "Guess again--SUMMON RATS!!"

Pippkin: "Oh sh--"

The bunny gets it from both flanks as over a million rats come in
through both side doors. It's as if every lab in the country
dumped their supply on her.

Pippkin shieks in terror: "NOOOO!!! GET AWAYYY!!!

Mickey dusts his hands of as two white rodents too small to be
rats tumble at his feet.

Brain: "We've done it, Pinky!! We've broken into a Disney
FanFict. We're one step closer to take over the world."

Pinky: "That's nice Brain, but . . . look above you."

Brain looks up to see Mickey Mouse standing over him with his
arms crossed. It is a sight that'll give him nightmares for

Mickey: "Who did you think taken over the world aready?"

He starts to stomp on the two Warner Brothers lab mice, sending
them scurring off the scene. "And don't come back, ya bum!!"

Outside, Chief O'Hara and the cops--plus Minnie--arrive at the
scene, to find a two-tailed fox having The Phantom Blot in a
submission hold.

Chief O'Hara: "Holy Mary Mother of God!! What is that on the

Lieutenant: "I think it's the Sharpshooter, Chief."

Chief O'Hara: "I mean this double tailed character here--cuff
the Blot anyway, Lieutenant--I don't think he's a Disney Toon at

Minnie: "Don't worry, Chief. He's with Mickey. I know him."

She walks up to David. "You must be that FoxFire guy Mickey told
me about." She taps on his thigh. "You can let go of him now;
you've won the match."

David drops the Blot's now-inert legs, which staggers as he tries
to drag himself to the cop car. "I'm putting you on report, you
psycho. You play *way* too rough to be in Disneys. Once I get
back to my cell, I'm writing to Roy. He'll bust your twin tails
for this."

David: "Hmmm, that can be a problem. Maybe Uncle Roy'll put me
in your cell. That'll be a sight." He cups his hands and
deepens his voice. "Imagine all the fun we'll have together--"

The Blot pulls out a gun and sticks it to the cop car's driver.

The car speeds away as David does a Shawn Michaels-style victory

Minnie giggles: "You're quite a hunky fox, David. You'll be
breaking hearts over here for certain." Then she puts her hand
over her mouth. " . . . as well as legs . . ."

At this point, Mickey brings out a violently shivering Pippkin.

Pippkin: "You're going to p-p-pay for this, Mouse. Y-You cad.
Y-You c-c-creap. Wait-t-t-t-til Minnie finds out that y-y-you
sic-c-c-c-ced *rats* on me!! Bbbbbuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr . . ."

Minnie: "Mickey, you didn't use the Summon Rats spell on this
rabbit, did you?

Mickey: "I had to use what I have, Minnie. *This* one's quite a
workout. Okay boys, take her away."

Mickey throws the still-shivering Pippkin in the back, who stares
deary-eyed out the window.

Chief O'Hara: "Is that lass . . ."

Mickey: "Yes, she's Pippkin. She's the one who took me to the
Blood and Metal Universe, O'Hara."

Chief O'Hara: "Begorra, that's Copywright Infridgement in the
highest order!! She'll get hard time for that."

Minnie: "Really, but she doesn't look that dangerous. Maybe
she's only misguided. We can try to reform her."

Mickey and David: "Are you out of your gorg?"

Minnie: "What did I say? I can't see why *you're* against it,
David. With your sister being Sailor Moon and all."

Mickey: "Way to go, Minnie. You just blurted out the shock
twist in American Kitsune to X-million FoxFire Studio fans!!"

David wimpers like a dog. Somewhere in Japan, Serena is bawling.

Minnie: "EEPS?! Er, heh-heh, maybe we could edit this part out?
oh, this is a live feed. sorry, daivd gonterman. <giggle>"


"Where is David, Roy?"

"David? Oh, he's been called away for something, Poca. He'll be
right back. . ."

It's the middle of the first week in braking in new Animation
Interns in the Animation Studio. 25 College students learn the
craft from some of the best professionals in the animation field,
searching to prove themselves behind glass in Disney's bullpen.

"I must say I'm impressed in him though. He's only been here for
one day, and look what he's come up with:" Roy Disney, current
head of animation and soon to become the head of everything else
once Michael retires, picks up a three-inch thick flipbook from a
specialty made wraparound desk, and flips it to his audience.;
Ariel, Pocahontas, and whoever was watching from the sides at the
time. "This whole scene for Fantasia Revisited was done by this
guy in eight hours, ladies."

"One day?!" Airel couldn't believe it. "He'd be doing the work
of three men."

"And with that cyborg arm he's got, he can."


"Why yes, he is." Pocahontas took the floor. "His left arm is
really one of those robotic limbs you'd find in audio-amatronic
(I hope that's the word) shows around here, only it has inside a
multimedia computer. I've seen it in action."

"I'd say," Roy added. "He does the extremes with his right arm,
and his left sprouts robotic arms that do the in-betweens. It is
a sight to behold."

At this point, a two-tailed fox scampered through the studio,
pausing only to trade "wing-ga-po"s with Poca before ducking
under the mentioned desk. Only Ariel notices.

"Why'd you become interested in him, Pocahontas? You're not into
this cyberpunk stuff like Davey."

"Well, he views computers, this internet network, cyberspace, and
what other stuff in this cyberpunk thing; with the same reverance
that I put in the land. To him, the computer in his arm has a
life, a soul, and a name just like I see in a tree. In a way,
we're very much alike, in diffrent worlds, that is. What are you
doing, Ariel?"

Ariel was crawling under the table. "A funny looking two-tailed
fox crawled in here. Funny, where'd he go?"

"Where *who* go?" Said a man from right above her. She looked
up to find sitting in the desk . . ."

"David!! There you are, my boy. Glad you're back. Ariel and
Poca were talking about you. How are things with Mickey,
anyway?" He turns to scold Ariel, "How many times have I told
you not to make out with the interns?"

"Is this a newbie thing, Uncle Roy?"

"Uncle Roy?"

"Well, it worked with Walt . . ."

"*Uncle* Roy?"

"Yer old enough to *be* my uncle . . ."

"**Uncle* Roy*?"

"all right all right I take it back . . . sheesh . . ."

Ariel's face was as red as her hair when she finally got out from
under the desk. Poca helped her up as she rebuked her quietly.
"You get two legs and you end up living your life *between* them.
Besides, I got dibs on this guy."

"Ooooooh, Pocahontas finds a new flame to replace John Smith!!
What will Mel Gibson say?"

"Yeah, what *is* it with you and White Men, Pocahontas?" said the
voice from someone in front of the glass. It was Russel Means
(?) Voice Actor for Chief Powhattan, back to do a video-only
sequel to Poca's movie. "Wait a minute, I take that back. From
what I hear about Mr. Kintobor, he's got a Cyberpunk spinoff of
Native American beliefs, if Poca's right. I'd take it that
you've already taught The Great Spirit how to be computer
literate, did you?"

"No, Old Man Coyote, but youre clo--"


David and Pocahontas break out in a cold sweat when Russel
discribes how Disney hired the Animal Spirit to be Pocahontas'
stunt double--it was natural the way he looked in woman mode, a
spitting image--and tried to make out with every Disney Princess
in his spare time, from Snow White to Jasmine!! (He had his best
luck with Ariel, as usual.)


It was 8:00 PM, and the hub (The area in front of the Castle
where you can go to anyplace else in The Magic Kingdom) is the
place for the press confrence of Michael Eisner's retirement
announcement. With him were his predecessors. Roy, Michael
Ovtiz, a biz type Disney acquired to take Frank Wells' place, and
David Xanatos, who got Jeffrey Katzenburg's spot.

Michael's speech will remind some of that boring commencement
speach their high school principals said in graduation, so I'll
fast forward to the interesting part after he's done, where
Mickey's voice can be heard:

"HONORS . . . UP!!"

At that, the Main Street lights were dimmed, and everybody
ignited the cigarette lighters which was passed around to
everybody. The audience behind the press was turned to a sea of
tiny flames; a "rock and roll" salute, some call it.

A piano begins to play as the press cameras turn around to see
what's behind them. In the middle of 50,000 flicked Bics is that
playing grand piano, played by Mickey, of course, but someone
else was with him. Standing on top of that piano was another
mouse, holding a somewhat larger lighter. A gray one wrearing a
black jumper with red and white trim, hanging a sparkling red
amulet around the neck, and sporting a mane--that's the only word
that does it justice--of brown hair that's blowing in the wind as
if he's the only guy there who can do the Pocahontas hair toss
and get away with it.

He recites a song that ain't in the Disney songbook, but then
again; it's a new era coming, a new mouse, a new song. (I just
hope that this new mouse gets something better than "Mickey Mouse
March" for a theme. That song's only topped by anything from
Barney in the saccarine department.)

Heaven can wait
And a band of angels wrapped up in my heart
Will take me through the lonely night
Through the cold of the day
And I know
I know
Heaven can wait
And all the gods come down here just to sing for me
And the melody's gonna make me fly
Without pain
Without fear

Give me all of your dreams
And let me go along on your way
Give me all of your prayers to sing
And i'll turn the night into the skylight of day
I got a taste of paradise
I'm never gonna let it slip away
I got a taste of paradise
It's all I really need to make me stay --
Just like a child again

Heaven can wait
And all I got is time until the end of time
I won't look back
I won't look back
Let the altars shine

As the mouse lifts his other arm, all the flames lift off the
lighter and converge in a twirl around his lighter. It was a
sight to behold. People will say that Disney has outdone
themselves that night with the special effect. They, of course,
will say it wasn't theirs, but it's that new mouse's doing all by

By now the presspeople that wasn't sniffing is introducing
Jonathan Brisby to their audience. Some will erroringly call him
a new Disney Toon, while others will correctly say that he's one
of Mickey Mouse's numerous students culled from his
decade-plus-long talent search for fresh 'Toons.

"I must say, Owen. This Brisby guy sure knows how to make a
first impression."

"Of course, Mr. Xanatos. He's probably a young punk trying to
make his mark in the world. At Disney's expense, of course."

"Be it as it may, I want an eye kept on him at all times."

"Yes, Sir."

And I know that I've been released
But I don't know to where
And nobody's gonna tell me know
And I don't really care
No no no
I got a taste of paradise
That's all i really need to make me stay
I got a taste of paradise
If I had it any sooner you know
You know I never would have run away from my home

Heaven can wait
And all I got is time until the end of time
I won't look back
I won't look back
Let the altars shine

Heaven can wait
Heaven can wait
I won't look back
I won't look back
Let the altars shine
Let the altars shine

As the song ends, Jonathan seems to vanish in the blaze of fire,
which promptly fades from view itself.

The crowd didn't know what to do for the next ten seconds before
they start applauding.

"I just want to let you know, Michael, that we had no part of it.
That was just one rat doing all that."

"I-I'm impressed, Roy. When Mickey said that he had a surprise
for me in my going away party, he sure didn't disappoint, did

"Does he ever? Something tells me that things won't be dull when
I take your post tomorrow."

And it won't Uncle Roy, believe me. Welcome to the Firestorm, a
fanfict universe designed to take not just Disney cartoons, but
the entire Wonderful World of Disney and pushes it all into the
next minellinum.

Every movie, short, and feature will be combined into a single
universe, there the characters are free to switch places, team
up, create their own contunity, add new characters, have old once
fall away; the possibilities are endless just on that feature
*alone*, but I tweaked it one further: I set the time *after*
the Eisner era has ended, and The Walt Disney Company stands in
the crossroads. The phrase "Anything Can Happen" will be an

The Firestorn has allready begun with "The Rangers of NIMH,"
where the great-grandson of a Don Bluth legend enters Disney and
Gadget finds out she's really a Bluth toon. They proceed
together into "Mouse Worx," JB's new upcoming comic strip, where
they try to save a certain duck in between jobs from destroying
himself in the process.

"Digital Winds" is a David Kintobor tale after American Kitsune.
It's a common data run with an uncommon partner, where a certain
Native American Princess and a certain Cyberpunk Kitsune finds
out that there's an awful lot in common with each other.

A third story with no title yet tackles a nagging rumor that The
Walt Disney Company still has problems silencing, and proves that
real life can really be stranger than fiction.

The Firestorm universe will be created by several writers,
including some who are former Sonic the Hedgehog writers, and
even you can join in on the fun. You will only ride the Storm on
the World Wide Web at the FoxFire Studios Web Site: