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Phrackin' Up: Explaining David Gonterman is a column done by our own Jesus Cantilinarian, who ponders the mystery that is Gonterman. This really is some thought-provoking stuff, and comes from a man with too much free time to an audience with, I'd imagine, even more.

The Mailbag - a sampling of reader mail. Stories are told. Things are uncovered. Gonterman is discussed. Have a look.

Anonymous Column - An individual who will be known only as RW spends some time picking apart David's brain, motivations, and what-have-you. Focus is placed on his reasons for wanting to be such an ubermensch. Excellent piece. I had a lot of fun reading this. You will too.

An anonymous person offers some insight into the online existence of Gonterman. Some fascinating insight is offerred. Read and wonder.

My Dinner with David - a quite entertaining piece written by a fan named Frobozz. It's a well-written recollection of an early experience with Davey-Kins, in which our protagonist discovers exactly how David got the title of "The Internet's Most Dangerous Cartoonist." (Hint: He gave it to himself.)

Bob Repas weighs in - Well, holy shit. Holy shit is all I can say. The flap with Ken Penders is a vital part of the GonterMyth, but this, Gontermaniacs, is like Moses coming down with tablets (featuring Sonic the Hedgehog). No less than Bob Repas, one of the maintainers of Ken Penders' site, emailed us with some incredible insight into this chunk of the History of Davey-Kins, from a perspective we never thought we'd see. Read it in awe.