Besides writing, Ken Penders is indeed an artist, penciller, inker, colorist, and letterer. Usually not all at the same time. :) With Sonic and Knuckles, he was mostly the writer, but has done other duties as required. His webpage is at

Spaz, i.e. Patrick Spaziante, is an artist who works for Archie comics. He's mostly involved in creating the covers for Sonic and Knuckles along with Harvo (Harvey Mercadoocasio). Harvey left the Archie group a while back, so it's been Spaz and Ken who have created most of the current Sonic comic covers.

The principal writer of the Sonic comic today is Karl Bollers, with pencilling by James Fry (Fry2K). Ken's current contribution is the Knuckles the Echidna storyline at the back of the comic, a continuation from the cancellation of the original Knuckles the Echidna comic. In Sonic issue #93, Ken's listed in the Knuckles credits as "(writer, artist, letterer, colorist, chief cook and bottle washer)". :-)

Yes, I remember the Gonterman incidents back under the "Sally death threat" storyline. I also remember how later, Gonterman was bragging how he singlehandedly made Ken change his storyline so Sally wouldn't die. Truthfully, it was SEGA that did that because they had some marketing plans for our dear Princess at the time and didn't want her killed off just as they were starting up some marketing hype with her. In the case of the original storyline planned, Sally would indeed be resuscitated at the end of 50, and everything would appear to be back to normal. But we would find things just weren't adding up. Eventually we would've discovered that the Sally we now had was NOT the original Sally, who did indeed fall to her death. What effect the doppelganger Sally would have had on the story lines will not be known, since that part of the original plot of _End Game_ was scrapped. :)

And as for my references on the above information, just check out Ken's website...where you'll see my name under technical support. Yep, I do his web page and keep things flowing smoothly there. So you might say I have some inside information on the subject. :) -Bob-