FoxFire Studios Presents

Sailor Moon: American Kitsune

Part Five

By David Gonterman

Sailor Moon by Toei Animation, brought to America by Dic
American Kitsune by David Gonterman []
Storyline by David Gonterman and Edward Becerra
[]<---Become one of Sonic's BAMned
Dateline: Haxtun, Colorado

"That's it, Davey. Just like that."

"I got it! Thanks, Gramps. These transformation sequences
are kinda tricky."

"Well, you are new to it. Good thing I expected you to come
back to Earth as a Fox, or to be more accurate, a Kitsune."

"I know it to be Japanese for 'Fox,' but it means something
else does it?"

"From what *I* gather, 'Kitsune' are a special breed of
Foxes, especially in Japan. They know how to shape change, have
some psionic ability, or something else cool. I don't know all
of it."

"Don't blow a fuse over it, Coyote. Can you ask about it in
the Spirit World, or something?"

"I think so, I've met with a Queen Kitsune. She's a lot
like me, only with a full figure that you've gotta admire. I'll
give her a good word about you. Maybe she can help you out with
your new body. Now then, where's Eddie?"

"Last time I seen him, he was going postal with a bunch of

"I better go after him before he breaks a wrist. He'll be
no good in a cast. You may want to go after that Rabbit Girl. I
saw her over by that rock. She's making twin rivers out of her
own tears."

"She must be homesick. We've finally reached not just
Serena's Sailor Scout friends, but with her parents and homeroom
teacher as well. I'll go to her. Good luck with Ed."

"Humph," Coyote scampered off to the trees. "I don't need

"I. DON'T. WANT. THIS!!" The words were punctuated with the
crash of wood shattering. It wasn't hard for Coyote to find the
source. The flying splinters gave it away.

"Calm down, grandson. What's the problem?"

"WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?! LOOK AT ME!" Ed screamed. He turned
to face the spirit of his ancestors. "Look at my hands, Old Man.
Look at my eyes. I thought I'd made it home and left all the
garbage from my inter-dimensional trip behind me. I left my
enemies behind me. I thought I'd left my _POWERS_ behind me!" He
held out his arms. "I was finally human once more. Now my eyes
are glowing again, and I've just smashed an oak into toothpicks
with just my bare hands. Not a scratch on them."

Old Coyote looked closely at those hands. Covered with sap
and sawdust, there still wasn't a single cut or bruise. He shook
his head. "I'm sorry, boy, but that's just the way things have
gone. And you've got no time to feel sorry for yourself. Davey
and Serena need your help. They've just heard from the other
Sailor Scouts. You're the only one who's got anything that can
get to Japan and bring them here in time."

"The Calypso." Ed looked pained and angry. "I'd told
Minerva that I wasn't ever coming back. She said she knew better
than that. Looks like she was right. Fortuna, is she gonna
gloat." He clenched a fist. "I just wanted to get out of the
game and go home. A chance to rest and be human again. Was that
so terribly wrong?"

"No, it wasn't. But that doesn't matter now, grandson.
You've got to get back to Davey, and make some plans. Then you'd
best get to the Calypso and get to Tokyo as fast as Minerva can
fly you."

"It never ends, does it, Old One?"

"No. As long as you're alive, life goes on. Death is the
only real end, and for folks like us, even that's doubtful. I've
been back several times, and you will, too. You can deny destiny
for only so long, grandson." He stared at Ed. "For right now,
it's time to go help your friends."

"All right. But we're going to talk about this later,
Coyote. I'm tired of having to re-arrange my life around this
so-called 'destiny' that you and the others say I have." He
looked Coyote squarely in the eye, a grim look on his face. "And
this time, I'm not taking 'No' for an answer."

David followed the small creek to the crying-as-usual
Serena. This particular cry was muffled somewhat; It seems that
sadness out of homesickness doesn't produce the loud wailing, or
maybe she didn't feel like wailing at that time. Nevertheless,
she felt a warm, yet strong hand on her delicate shoulder.

"You homesick, darling?"

"David?! Oh, <sniff> yeah. You must excuse me, I get this
way at times."

"So I've been warned. [David looks around] I've been told
that deserts spring up some pretty exotic flowers after a good
rain. You could just stand here in the morning and just watch
'em grow right where we're at right now."

Serena pokes at him. "You meanie--now you're making me cry
tears of *joy*!"

The two got a laugh out of that, then Serena asked him why
he's over here.

"You wanted to know how I became this American Kitsune
critter, and I promised to tell you as soon as we got some free

"Oh, yeah! I *was* wondering . . . [Davey motioned Serena
to follow him] . . . Where to?"

Over by this here pile of sticks I gathered up. People
around here say it's tradition. Me, I just believe that this
story makes great campfire material. . ."

David easily got the fire going in time for him to begin.
As usual, he brought up his palmtop holographic projector to do a
modern-day version of an ancient Indian shaman trick.

"I guess it all began with my very first shift with the
Rangers. I wasn't one of the flashy karate black belts in
spandex like the ones you'd see on TV. I'm a goon, I admit it.
My fighting ability only consists of brawling and a small arsenal
of guns. But I was just the man that Zordon needed to defeat
this dragon-like critter known as The Piasa Bird, saving Saint

"Wow, I bet you were a hero!"

David sadly hung his head.

Serena noticed. "You-You weren't?"

"What happened next could very well be a death knell for
interracial relations in my city, and may even call the end of
Martin Luther King's dream of peace and harmony between whites
and blacks: An African-American ethnic history teacher saw the
hero as only a White Male Christian With A German Last Name . . .
and immediately open fire on me with cop-killing Black Talon

"Oh, my . . . sweet . . . God. No." Shivering eyes were
producing more of Serena's eye water.

"Humph. Looks like blacks *can* hate after all. <sigh> By
the time I was allowed to be taken to the hospital, I already
lost my original left arm, my dignity, some may even say my
humanity, and was just about to lose my life, as much as I cared
at that particular time. Imagine my surprise when I woke up--the
last thing on my mind then--with this metal left arm, a
multimedia computer that'll put Pentium super-computers to shame
wired directly into my head, and invited to go on a one-way trip
to another planet with the promise that I'll be the good guy for
once against their evil oppressors. You've probably heard of it.
The planet's name was Mobius."

"Mobius?!" Serena's eyes lit up. "That's the planet Sonic
the Hedgehog's at, ain't it? I can't believe it! I'm sitting
with an actual Freedom Fighter here! . . . [long pause] Wait a
minute. Wouldn't you look like Robotnik with that arm and eyes
of yours?"

"Heck yeah. But they don't care. They figured, since their
bad guys have a Mecha Sonic, then they should have a rebel
Robotnik. But I *should* look like that putz, anyway. Doctor
Ivo Robotnik betrayed and murdered my father, Julian Kintobor in
the exact same manner that Darth Vader betrayed and murdered Luke
Skywalker's dad. I'll give you 30 seconds to let that sink in."

It took Serena 29.

"Freaky huh."

"You're Robotnik's son? I can't believe it! I wouldn't
wish that on Beryl!! Damn, you must have the most dysfunctional
family on Earth."

"I know, but nevertheless I was given a new life, as a fox--
thanks to a close encounter of the third kind with a power ring--
with the Knothole Freedom Fighters. I was one of the best they
ever had. In the first six months, I took out more bots than
Sonic has even nailed to date, and was the man that stuck the
finisher to Doctor Robotnik's reign of tyranny. I even fell in
love with Sonic's sister a red-head named Sonia, and promptly
married her during the year-long celebration afterward. I lived,
settled down, had kids, grown old, and died in peace with the
world and myself. I thought there was nothing else for me but
the pearly gates of heaven."

"But instead, you ended up back on Earth, did you?"

"And they call you a ditz, Serena? I'm thinking that you
*were* born in the wrong country too!"

"W-Well, my school grades aren't exactly what they call
average in my country."

"I know, but neither was mine."

"I take it that you were pissed when you ended up back

"Oh, pissed would barely scratch the surface. I told you
what sent my into that coma. Do you think that I want my last
moment in my life to be in that world of violence and hate? I
left Saint Louis to their fate and huffed over to Colorado fueled
by righteous indignation alone. Thinking that I would just curl
up in some hole and let the world pass on by without me, I didn't
know that I woke up a different creature altogether than what I
was put to sleep as. Apparently, being a fox all that time has
made a effect to my main human form, tuning me into one of those
Kitsune critters you mentioned about. I only wish I knew what to
do about it, though. I probably got powers now that I don't even
know, much less know how to use them. I basically find the whole
thing exciting, yet frightening at the same time. I wouldn't
even know what I'm going to do with myself, human *or* kitsune,
until you showed up. . ."

At this point, the cold evening wind kicked up, making
Serena shiver.

"brrrrrrr . . . It's getting late. I should get inside
before I freeze. Thanks for the story, David, we should pick it
up from here later."

"That's okay, Serena, but keep in mind . . ."


" . . . the rest of my story has jet to be written."

-Damn. I hate it when the machine's slow . . .-

David shifted back into fox-mode--this time all the way to
the four-legged version--for some moon gazing. It was unusually
big and bright that night. He could hear some of his wilder
brothers howling at it . . .

ooooooooooooooo . . . hooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww . . . how-how-howwwlllllll . . .

He caught himself howling at it too. -If only I could
remember why I do that. It's right at the tip of my tongue.-

>Don't blow a fuse over it, Davey.<

-What?- Davey turned around to find the source of that
crack . . .

ooooooooooollllllllllllllll . . .

He only saw a howling Coyote.

-<sigh> If I could only give my brain a good defrag . . .-

He picked up with his teeth the only piece of clothing that
doesn't morph with his body--his coontail cap--and headed inside.

The fox managed to get to Serena's bed without waking up any
sleeping Becerras, which is a challenge with one leg metallic.
He stopped once to examine it. The naturalistic form the cyborg
limb changed into pleased him. If only if it don't clank so loud
at times. Oh well, Crap Happens. It's the only absolute in

Serena was almost falling asleep when she saw her visitor
over the bedside. She almost felt sorry for that Fox's missing
left arm--The idea that blacks can be racists too was still queer
to her--but then again her somewhat-slowing brain reassured her
that whatever counts for Gods here took pity on this poor soul
and gave him something to replace what was brutally stripped away
from him.

She reached out to the Fox, inviting him near her. With a
silent bound, the Fox hopped over the ledge and into the bed.
She seemed to be glowing with the same pale-but-bright fire that
the moon just outside the window was. The Fox traded his gaze
between the two heavenly bodies, and couldn't tell which one was
more beautiful.

But at least, Serena won out because she was closer to the
Fox, and she reached over and was allowed to pet her new friend.
The musky outdoor fox scent was somewhat pleasant--David always
takes his showers at night--and his dog breath was more tolerable
than what It will become in the morning.

The Fox pressed his cold, wet nose into her cheek in a
doggie kiss, taking a real good sample of Serena's scent, feeling
her hot breath go down his chest, hearing the rise and fall of
her chest silloetted in moonlight . . .

Serena managed to do her "Holy $#!* I'm late for school
again!!" morning ritual--not even noticing putting in her
translating earplug or the two wild dogs, one fox and one coyote,
nearby--until she flew past the door as 35kmph . . .

And saw the big desert skyline of Haxtun, Colorado.

"Okay, Rabbit; you have options: We've got klenexes, toilet
paper, napkins, a used hanky, or will you just water the front
lawn right where you stand?"

"I think I'll just water the lawwwwwwahhhhhhhhh!!" Twin
spouts of tears came out of Serena's eyes. "I thought it was all
a dream--wwahhhhhhh . . ." She tried to remember what happened
last night: Somehow, one of the news folks was kind enough to
make a phone call to her family and friends to tell them that
she's all right. Even Ms. Haruna, her homeclass teacher, offered
to excuse all the absences she'll accrue over here--and figure in
a passing grade--if Serena comes back with a report of her
adventures in America.

"<sniff, sniff> Ewwwww, something stinks, what th--"

Serena turned around to find Edward apply fertilizer around
the area her tears were spilling into. She gave him a passing
glance and a "Can't you see that a woman's letting out her
emotions here?! Some men . . ." as she entered the house to
find, at the other end of the room . . .

"Well, <g> at least the good parts are still here." The
sight of FoxFire stretching his back in a short T-shirt and
briefs--It's briefs, folks, if you cared to know--made Serena's
heart skip a beat. In his fox form here, David was a lot more
hunkier than his somewhat husky human body he was born as. Even
with the clearly shown roboticized shoulder designed to hold in
place that masterpiece of blood and metal that is David
Kintobor's left arm. She was so mesmerized by the furry version
of Michelangelo's David that she almost didn't hear him ask her:

"How can you get your eyes to do that every time you cry,
even when you fake it?"

"huh . . . OH! Well, heh, I take a IV liter of saline
solution every day."

"Ouch! Doesn't that hurt? I cringe at a needle even for a
small shot. I don't think I could take having one stuck in me
for . . . how long . . . ?"

"Hey guys, come with me for a moment. I wanna show you the
ship I'm gonna pick up the Scouts in:"

"There she is, Dave, Serena. The Calypso. What do you

"A Klingon Bird of Prey?"

"Not really. She started out as a Predator class scout ship
from the New Avalon shipyard at Utopia Planetia. It's design is
Klingon, though. My future self got his hands on her and
modified her a great deal. The weapons are _much_ heavier, and
she carries a phasing cloak snitched from Star Fleet, along with
a lot of nasty surprises for anyone who tried to take her on. He
also installed Minerva, the ship's computer and artificial

"She's beautiful. Why'd you hide her out here?"

"Why'd you try to forget about Earth, when you arrived on

"Oh. I understand."

"Yeah, well, that was then. This is now, and we got a
battle to fight." Ed fished around in his pocket, and pulled out
a set of car keys, tossing them to David. "Here, take Christine.
You're going to need wheels to get around out here when you're
not in uniform. Just remember: whatever you do, _don't drive
eighty-eight_! You don't want to be late. And you would be. I
put a flux capacitor in her a few years ago."

"You've _got_ to be kidding! It doesn't even look like a

"Hey, what can I say? I got bored while I was searching for
a way to get back home, and took up tinkering with Christine.
First it was the fusion engine, then the ion thrusters, and
finally, the flux capacitor." He shrugged. "It helped to kill
the time."

Davey snickered. "Anybody ever tell you that you're crazy?"

"All the time, Dave. All the time. The owner's manual and
the instructions are in the armrest of the drivers seat. Look,
I've got to get a move on. You hold down the fort, and I'll head
for Tokyo to pick up the rest of the Sailor Scouts. I'll be back
with them as soon as I can. But it'll take a few hours. I'm
going to fly cloaked, and running silent. There's no sense in
letting Beryl and Zed know what we're doing." He pulled a small
communicator from a shirt pocket and spoke into it. "Hello,
Minerva. One to beam up."

The sparkle of a transporter beam surrounded him, and he
disappeared. The Calypso rose into the air, and began to
shimmer. It grew transparent and slowly faded from sight.

As David and Serena walked alone back to Edward's they found
a Fed Ex man asking for Serena.

"Did your parents send you a care package overnight?" David
was handed a large box with "Fragile" on it while Serena signed
it in kanji. "Hey! There's something *alive* in here!"

"Meow . . ."

Serena turned her head at that. "Luna?"

They open the box and pulled out a black cat with a crescent
moon on her forehead. "Luna!! Oh, Luna!" Serena cuddled the
just-arriving pet.

"Your cat Fed Ex'ed her way here. Humph." Davey turns to
the Delivery man. "Next thing we know, these cats will hack
their way into the government and take over the world." "And
what would Pinky and the Brain say?"

"I thought I'd never see you again!! Hey, there's someone I
like you to meet; he's my new partner. David Kintobor, I'd like
you to meet Luna, the cat that made me the Sailor Scout I am
today. <g>"

The cat took one look at David and promptly freaked.

"Holy $#!*!!! Serena, you dumb ditz!! You're teaming up
with a phrackin' KITSUNE!! Are you BLIND!?! Look at him!!"

"I *know* he's a kitsune, Luna. He told me. I've even seen
him shape-change. Now get down from that roof this instant!
You're making me look good. *I'm* supposed to be the one doing
that . . ."

. . . To be continued.

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