FoxFire Studios Present:

Sailor Moon: American Kitsune

Part Eight

By David Gonterman

Sailor Moon by Toei Animation
Power Rangers (All US Versions) by Saban Entertainment
Storyline by David Gonterman
David "FoxFire" Kintobor by David Gonterman
Legion and Coyote by Edward Becerra
Kitsune by David Gonterman

"How could you call Luna's mother that, Christine!? You've been
a bad car; go sit in the corner!! That's right, Christine, in
the corner!! Bad Girl!! Bad Bad Bad!!"

"I hate to interrupt you, Edward, but it just occurred to me that
you must've counted me twice when you counted the Scouts back in

"Did I Artemis? D'oh!! For a split second back there, I thought
for a split-second that Luna was back with you. Oh, well.
There old eyes ain't what they're used to be." Edward returns to
the Sailor Scouts. "That's the *last* time I get parts from
Stephen King!!"

"It's probably nothing important," Darian said, just as the black
cat that Edward saw for the split-second slipped undetected out
of the Calypso where she stowed herself for the trip to America,
and trotted off behind a big rock. There she morphed into a
nine-tailed golden fox, and then into a woman in a kimono.

"Oh Lord," She said as she checked herself in a locket mirror.
"I look like Captain Janeway. And I bet that Coyote looks like
the Q. Yummy. Hopefully he's got those facial marks of

"Speak of the devil, Queen Kitsune," the figure that she just
described said as he appeared, "and he winds up on your tail. Or
should I say, tails. heh-heh."

She looked behind herself to find out what was scurrying under
her long skirt. "Damn. I could never hide these in human mode.
No matter. Where's this Kintobor guy?"

"He had important business to deal with in Denver. We'll meet
him over there."

"Let's go."

The two spirits changed into raven and the pair took to the
skies, just as Amy finds the note David left for them.


Now that you got the scouts, meet me in Denver ASAP. Me and
Sailor Moon would be so deep in putties, they'll be able to make
molds of us by the time you get there.


"Serena must've dragged him there, Guys. As if there's anything
here that would keep her interest."

"Yeah, what state *are* we in anyway. This place is the middle
of Nowhere'sville."

"Come on, Raye. We call can't live in big cities, and I'm sure
that Edward-San has his reasons."

"I do, Amy. But we've gotta get to Denver fast!"

"Why's that, Ed? It's not that Serena's going to get into any
trouble. If I know her, she's probably found a mall to drag this
David around in until we find them--"

"You don't know David Kintobor, Lita. This guy's got enough
firepower to put the Lovely Angels to shame. If he found any
Negaverse activity in there, there won't be a Denver left to
catch him up with."

"You can't be serious, Edward."

"Minako, this man carries a Bloody Card."


Everybody went back into the modified-as-hell Bird of Prey, which
took off in a flash.

"And fast before WWWA gets on his ass!!"

"You sure that would be a problem, Raye?"

"What do you mean, Amy?"

" . . . I still can't believe that David Kintobor's Robotnik's
son. I could just see him throwing Kei and Yuri in the
Roboticizer. . ."

David wasn't feeling just about right when he welcomed his three
Power Ranger friends. It wasn't like he was sick or something.
It's just that at times, while he was giving them their new
morphers, David's mind was suddenly flashing in and out of Planet
Mobius. The mall resturaunt was suddenly replaced with Antoine's
coffee shop for breif moments, and Jason, Trini, and Zack became
a warwus, squirrel, and hedgehog, respectively. David knows what
was going on; the archive in his mind was clashing with input
from his senses.

"Coyote warned me about this. He wanted me to keep quiet so the
damn archive'll do its bisness . . ."

"Are you O.K., Davey? You look like you're going out of your

" . . . but did I listen? Nooooooooo. I can't rest when I've
gotta save the friggin' planet . . ."

"And will you stop calling me 'Sonic,' bro? You've been playing
*way* too much Sega!"

"uuugh. I'm sorry, my friends. I . . . I'm not quite yourself
right now . . ."

"It's something about you becoming that 'kitsune' Zordon told us
about, is it Davey?"

David looked straight at Jason when he said that.

"He told us all about you going to Mobius to defeat Robotnik
while you were in that coma. Right now that life's affecting you
in this world. I don't think you should be in the front line
while this integration's affecting you this way . . ."

"b-b-b-but I," David tried to protest, but he was interupted by a
beautiful aisan woman with golden hair and a long kimono.

"The Red Ranger has a point, David-san. Your archive is in the
advanced stages of self-dearchival. Naturally, this
disorientation you're experiencing will pass, but I can help you
with the process quicker for necesity's sake."

"Who're you," the Rangers ask, but David knew who she was, for
instead of an golden-haired asian woman, he saw an angelic-gold-furred nine-tailed fox that showen like a star.

"You're Queen Kitsune, I presume. Coyote told me that you would

Kitsune smiled at David and shed her disguise to the rest of the
Rangers and Serena. She ignored the stares and cupped her paws
in David's head. "It looks like I arrived just in time. You're
mind's just starting to feel this . . . mixed-up." She tilted
her head to show a coy expression.

"Yes'm." David replied, showing his Mississippi Valley traits
that made Kitsune giggle a bit.

"You remind me of Tom Sawyer with that! Our two cultural worlds
may be diffrent, me being Japanese and all, but I'm sure we can
meet ourselves half-way."

"Sure thing, ma'am, but I'm afraid that my Japanese ain't as good
as your English."

"To use a phrase from one of your cartoons, my English sucks."
She turns to the others. "I need to take this boy to the roof of
this mall. We can be alone there to work this problem out. In
the meantime, I'm afraid there's something that needs your
intrest while David's gone."

"She's right." Luna followed the golden fox. "I detect
Negaverse activity in this mall. I think that you and these
Rangers may be needed there."

"But what about . . ." Serena turned to David, who reached out
for her hand.

David spake soothingly at her. "I'll be alright now, Rabbit.
Just zap the bad guys one for me."

"This won't take long, Sailor Moon. I'll have Foxie here into
the fight after I'm done before you know it."

Serena was surprised, as were the three Rangers. "How did you
know I'm--"

"The Moon Princess? I was with Queen Serenity in her Moon
Kingdom all those years ago. When the Negaforce destroyed it.
Me and my subjects were the ones that actually carried the moon
beam crystals containing their life forces into their modern day
counterparts. The Foxes played a vital role in your Destiny."

"But what about me--"

"shhhhhhh, my child. You'll know about yours soon enough, we've
gotta go now. Your Old Man Coyote's waiting . . ."

Yet, when they arrive on the roof which was converted into a
ritualistic circle, Coyote wasn't there. He was found over at
the Hooters resturaunt nearby, ordering his seventh order of hot

Kitsune sighs. "That silly coyote!! Oh well, like I need him
for this . . . Come to me, David."

Kitsune then placed his fingers on David's forhead a la a Vulcan
Mind Meld. As she done so, the air around them got charged with

"You've probably heard of The Quickening from Highlander shows,"
Kitsune said soothingly. "We foxes share a silimar experiences,
although the rules with us are diffrent. You don't have to
decapatate someone to get it, as I'm showing you now . . ."

The archive safely unpacks itself into an unused portion of
David's memory. The life he had on Mobius flashed before his
eyes, as if he was looking at it above it all. He can see the
big picture behind his troubles on Mobius now; how something
terrible as revealing who his father is, the debacle with the
ROCC, the arrival of Wildfyre, the hunt for the gray emerald, the
final battle with Robotnik with non-conclusive ending . . . it
all seemed to fit into place now. He sees order where there used
to precieve only chaos . . .

Then a light appears above him. He looked up and saw another fox
float down from the stars. Strangly enough, it was David
Kintobor himself, in fox mode, wearing a diffrent costume with a
black vest with striped collars over blue jeans.

He was also talking in Japanese; David can tell which lanquage it
was, even though he could not understand just what he was saying.
The other David tilted his head for a moment, and got the message
that he didn't understand him.

"This version of you is my gift to you, another life as one of us
to assist your earthly sister, The Moon Princess, in her conquest
of her newest foe. I'm afraid that without her help and
quidance, she will not succeed. He'll be able to download
himself into you in much the same matter as the archive from

As Queen Kitsune said that, the Japanese David held his paw out
for him, in a gesture for the American David to follow him. As
the American David took that paw, everything flashed to white . .

As the Calypso approaches Denver, a bright white beam can be seen
streaking to the heavens from it.

"Obviously the mark of Hurricane Sailor Moon," Tuxedo Mask

"No it's *not*!!" Sailor Murcury hit the image increace.

They saw a giant fox at the base of that shaft of light.
Lightling pulses around him. His tail was in the middle of being
divided into two.

"I don't believe it," Artimetis exclaimed. "A two-tailed
American Kitsune!!"

"That," Edward explained, "Is David "FoxFire" Kintobor."

"So *he's* the one I sensed protecting Serena," Sailor Mars

SMAK Snippet #1

After the blinding flash of holy light, the next time FoxFire
knew, he was in Serena's arms. He was but a fox kit, and it was
over a thousand years ago in the moon kingdom.

-Holy Hannah, I'm being writted into the Sailor Moon legend.-

Being orphaned as a cub, he was picked up by then Princess Serena
as a pet, nursing him by the bottle, grooming him to look almost
human (being able to walk upright and speak in a gruffled
fox-voice helps; this is where he picks up Japanese, by the way)
and in general tagging along the Rabbit, playing with the
cats--"meowwwwr"--yanking on Prince Darien's coattails in a fit
of jealosy, and in general having a good time . . .

Until he found out that one of Qween Serenity's trusted allies
was in fact a Negaverse spy and is ploting a coup to bring his
true master to power.

FoxFire wasted no time in warning Serenity and her daughter, but
the dork spotted him and decided to speed up to the actual

FoxFire fought valiantly in defencing the Moon Kingdom, scoring
the most kills with his Zordon 16, as usual, but there were too
many of the bad guys; the kingdom was being overrun, and the only
hope was, as Sailor Moon fans will recall, spiriting away the
populace into Modern Day Earth, where they'll become the
sailor-suited hero they know and love. Queen Serenity charged
the foxes--including FoxFire--to guide the crystals saftly to
their destination, which he has done . . .

. . . right to the point where he cashes into the mall like
Batman Forever, using his now twin tails to slow his descent a la
Miles Prower. Surveying the battle he just jumped into, it
appears that every Homosexual in Colorado was celebrating the
striking down of Amendment 2, and was promptly zombied by the
Negaverse. They were overpowering Sailor Moon and the Rangers,
and were just begining to grope on the guys.

FoxFire immediatley let his Luna Card fly. As the cat said, it
didn't cut them in any way as it slammed into gay after gay, but
it did managed to drop them all faster than a bad outbreak of
AIDS. -If they're smart, they'll bug out once they'll discover
that they're in the middle of a fight that don't concern them,
but knowing millitant homosexuals, they'll only see a bunch of
homophobes and try to force their disease on all of us, good guy
or bad guy. Oh well, at least they're waiting in line now.-

FoxFire takes out the Power Rifle and aims for the guy
choke-slamming Sailor Moon in a chan-style Negaverse General


And the bad guy of the day does, who prompt identification made
FoxFire turn white under the fur--

"Y'know, Zoisite, I've gotta admit: You're entrance was good,
*his* was even better . . ."

--and then red, as the General turns around to face him:

"**YOU!!** I should've KNOWN *you'd* be Negaverse Trash!! The
way you phrack up people's lives all this time, it makes perfect
sence, Zoisite!!"

" . . . FoxFire . . . you *know* this guy?"

"You bet I do Sailor Moon . . ."

Of course, the General has no idea what he's talking about. "You
have me at an advantage, American. You know who *I* am, but I
don't know you from Adam."

"*What?* Don't you remember the names of your Victims, other
than how such a screw they are? I'll give you a hint!!"

FoxFire morphs back into Human Mode, which caused Zoisite to
remember. A young boy who's unpopular and effeminate. Zoey
tried to force this child into the Gay lifestile, but the boy
turned away. he was promptly labeled as a Homosexual afterward,
which took what pieces he had left of getting any friends or
respect from his teachers and grinds them into dust.

"I hated you all my life, FAG." FoxFire lets spittle fly on the
FAGs as he morphs back into Fox Mode. "You riuned almopst half
of mah life, FAG. I was *never* allowed to live what you did to
me down, FAG, and I'm going to take some payback out of your
AIDS-ridden, maggot infested, perverted hide, FAG!!" He pumps up
and aims, channeling over a decade of rage into his rifle.

Zoisite sneers. "What are you going to do, Homophobe? Shoot me?"


. . . . .

"Whoa, I couldn't believe that *anyone* can do that to a
Negaverse General!! Uh, Foxie, was that true about the part
where he tried to make you gay?

FoxFire noonded to Sailor Moon as the affects of his blast begins
to register. What exactly happened to Zoisite was, when the shot
slammed into him, that instead fo having his guts punched out of
him, he was literary picked up by the blast and thrown into a
tangent course form Earth into deep space, and woe to any
property that was in the way, including a satalite.

All this was begining to register to the assembled homosexuals as
well, who were by that time begining to close in on the pair with
the chant of "Kill the Homophobe," on their lips.

"I don't think they're gonna let us walk out here with our
dignity intact, Foxieeeeee..."

"Then, Sailor Moon," FoxFire gave her one last longing look,
"let's make their victory over us as expensive as Hell."

Sailor Moon gave him a kiss on the nose. "Let's do it--MOON


T H H O O C K K ! !

A red rose splits the air like the red sea, and sticks deep into
the floor between the mob and the duo.

Sailor Moon looked up with her face beaming: "Tuxedo Mask!! All
right, Foxie, the calvary's here!!"

Foxie follows Sailor Moon's eyes to see a guy more dressed up for
a wedding, and four more girls in form-flattering sailor suits,
two on each side.

The Tux speaks: "Greetings, American Kitsune. I am Tuxedo Mask,
and these are the rest of the Sailor Scouts; [from right to left]
Sailors Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus."

Sailor Venus adds: "Hai. A warm-harted domo arigato from the
five of us for saving our friend, and I must say that you look
cute. <g>"

"Yeah," Sailor Mars speaks up, "But what's with those two tails?
You've been playing *way* too much Sonic, my friend."

Sailor Jupiter turns on Mars. "Come on, Mars, it makes him even
cuter. I wonder if I have any doggie biscuits for him . . ."

"er . . . Oh! You're welcome, ladies and gentlemen, but . . ."

Foxie points to the again advancing Queer Nation while Sailor
Moon resumes her soft squealing in fright.

"I'm on that, Foxie-san." Sailor Murcury powers up. "MURCURY

At her command, the entire mall fills up with a dense fog, hiding
the scouts from view as they quietly exited the building. . .

To find Zoicite returned as a fifty foot giant!!

"I thought you took care of that fag!!"

"How'd he get that big??"

"My readout's show that it's Rita and Zedd's favorite trick."
Foxfire huddles the Scouts. "Does anybody have a Zord on him or

"I'm afraid not, FoxFire," Tuxedo Mask shakes his head. "We
don't normaly have a need for a giant robot."

"We're not without means to combat this--" Luna looks up in
shock!! "--SCATTER!!"

Everybody dives for cover from a crushing foot.

"Let's hear it, Luna!"

"FoxFire, Sailor Moon; I've seen you combine your Power Rifle and
Moon Scepter into the Scepter Shot . . ."

"I'm way ahead of you." FoxFire rises and brakes the chamber of
his Rifle out. "Sailor Scouts, I need you to channel your powers
into my Power Rifle. We'll make our own Power Blaster!!"

Mars objected at first. "Er, Yankee, do you think we can . . .
like . . . pull this off?"

"Have you got any better ideas, Mars? And I'll let you know that
I'm a hockey fan. It's *Blue*--"


"Er, sorry Luna--Let's put it together--"


The Scouts power up their special moves . . .


. . . Their magic flies from their hands . . .


. . . And converge inside the Rifle Chamber . . .


. . . Each Power Fills up a round . . .


. . . as the barrel glows as if aflame.


The Moon Scepter falls into it's proper place, completing the


It falls into FoxFire egar hands, he cocks it once and summons
his radar Lock-On.

The Giant Zoisite brings his fists on him, causing FoxFire to
sidestep his victim and granting him a clear path to his head . .


. . . .


. . . .


Don't you hate it when I stop at points like this?

But it just crossed ten pages and people are screaming for more

Besides, that Sailor Scout Power Blaster's got way too much
output to keep the cameras rolling, and I don't know how much
footage I'm going to *lose* in this.

I promise you, I'll bring it up as close to this point as I can
when I start my next installment.

See you then...