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Sailor Moon: American Kitsune

Installment # 10

Story by David Gonterman []
Sailor Moon by Toei Animation of Japan, brought to the USA by DIC
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On top of one of the tallest skyscrapers in Inner City Japan, a
tall, dark, and handsome figure looks out his office window. One
of his aids just handed him the evening report and left for the
night, but he wasn't interested in it right now. He had other
things pressed on his mind.

Like having been killed by the Negaverse. He died protecting the
one girl that he could say that he loved; the girl that put some
humanity in this person. Humanity, of course, because he himself
came from that Negaverse.

His name is Maxfield Stanton. Better known as the former
heaviest-hitting Negaverse General, Nephrite.

Shortly after dying in that girl's arms--Molly, for those who
want to know--he disappeared into the cosmos, where the stars he
used for guidance enveloped all around him.


The stars speak to him.

*What?... Excuse me for a moment, Stars, but is this supposed to
happen when I die?*


*I don't understand....why me? Why not any other Joe Average


Nephrite felt a sudden unexplainable surge of power through his
body. A glowing orb appeared in front of him. He reached out and
grabbed it. He felt a warm pulse of energy flow through him. It
felt like one of his old energy drains, only in reverse.

*My body....what..what's happening to me?*

He felt another pulse. He looked and saw the shards Zoicite
threw at him expel from his body. Another pulse. And another.
His torso completely heals. Another pulse. His whole body
strengthened and reformed. With a final pulse, he began to glow
and the orb in his hand vanished. Then he heard it.

A heartbeat.

He had a heartbeat.

He ended up back on Earth. Exactly the place where he died. He
was human now, to his surprise, but he still had his powers.
Just out on the street, his Fararri slowed into a parking spot,
engine purring.



"A human heart? Come now, I'm an alien being from another
phracking dimension. What could quite possibly give me a human

Their last one word answered his question:


Maxfield walked into his chateau in the woods fully knowing what
to do with this new life, with his trademark confidence
returning: Find Molly and make the Negaverse pay for killing
him, especially Zoicite, the trigger man.

He preformed the star-gazing ritual he always done, but the first
time as a human.

"The Movement of the Stars controls everything."

A mini-model of the cosmos appeared in the spacious ceiling above

"Great Powers of the universe, guide me to the one you sent me

The stars converge into a beam of light, that strikes Maxfield in
the forehead, burning an image in his short term memory.

An image of Molly running for her life. And of the one chasing

"Zoicite! Get away from her you f--"

"--rack!! I guess they're right about when the Cats' away the
Mice will play!" Molly said to herself while booking it from the
Yoma of the day. "Only in this case, it's the Sailor Scouts and
the Negaverse!! HEEEEELLP!!"

Molly rounded a corner and thought she dodged her tormentors
enough to catch her breath, but gets a plasma blast set on stun
bounce off her head. "OW!!!"

"You can run, Molly," Zoicite, with one of his arms heavily
bandaged , appeared over her. "Bet you can't hiiiiiide . . . "

Molly: "Go away. l-l-leave me alone . . ."

Zoicite: "Oh? and miss out on your Weekly Energy Drain?"

He grabs Molly by the neck and begins to try to drain her

"Maybe you can be of use to me after I suck you dry! Come on,

The choice word if try, because nothing can be siphoned from
Molly's limb, quivering body.

"What is the MATTER with you?!"

She had no energy to give. Not after Nephrite died in her arms.
She practically wilted afterward, not saying, doing, or being
much in the weeks afterward, and secluding herself in her room
when she wasn't in school. Her mother is getting her treated for
depression, which was the one thing keeping her from suicide.

"BAH! You're not even worth a good screw!"

Zoicite throws her down at her feet, out cold. The general
motions his arm to deliver a killing blow, but--


Zoey's striking bandaged arm receives another injury as a shaft
of light flies straight and true through it.

"GAAAAAH!! What is this; homophobe's week?" Zoicite grimaces as
he pulls the shaft out. Then he ears an all too familiar voice
that makes the hairs in the back of his neck stand straight up.
His arm is in agony, but he thinks he has one more shot in it.

Nephrite: "Something wrong with that arm, Zoicite, or did your
political activism back in the eighties return to haunt you

Zoicite: "YOU! W-Whoever you are . . . you move and--"

Nephrite, in his old Negaverse General uniform, stepped into the
light: "And *what*, Zoey?"

Zoicite was as white as a ghost: "C-C-C-C-C-Can't be . . .
you're dead . . . I've killed you . . . " He fires.

The magic missile flies toward Nephrite, who caught it by one

"I GOT--"

And throws it back at Zoicite.


The bolt slams Zoicite back 25 feet into a brick wall:

Nephrite powers up for a shot of his own: Do you think I would
stay dead? With murdering scum like you and the rat-biting
bitches and bastards you call your masters are still sucking
breath!? GET REAL!!"

He fires a *huge* comet at Zoey who barely had time to teleport
back to Beryl screaming before the shot demolishing the condemned
building behind.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!! Queen Beryl will be most pissed, and
that's just the way I like it!"

"uuuuuh . . . . . M-Maxfield?"


"It's . . . It's you, Nephrite . . . Am I . . . Dead?"

"No, Molly . . . You're Alive . . . and so am I."

"Y-you're alive? . . . You're . . . alive . . . nnnnnnnnnnn . .

Maxfield cleaned Molly off, changed her clothes for a Sailor
Scout uniform, and let her recover in the guest room of his
chateau. Imagine Molly's surprise when she woke up to see the
one she thought had lost and the long caress thereafter.

Molly: "So, if you're not from the Negaverse anymore? What are
you going to do?"

Maxfield: "To be honest, after finding you and the occasional
exacting some revenge on the Negaverse, I don't know. What
happened to me reeks too much like 'The Crow,' and the thought of
me siding with the Scouts . . . just plain irks me a bit."

Molly: "Oh, it's just that you're a solo player. Do you think
that Queen Beryl might go against you?"

Maxfield: "I can count on it, with the message I gave Zoicite.
I don't know if you will be safe with me, Molly. And then
there's the part with your parents . . . "

Maxfield was quieted by Molly coming in close to him. She only
goes up to his chest, but there's the look in her eyes that she
could take on the Negaverse herself just to protect him: "Y'now,
I wish this Sailor Suit you gave me were real . . . "

Maxfield: "Maybe I can work on that before the night is done."

Molly: "And for my Mom, let's take it one day at a time . . .
Oh, are you going to show me that Astronomy trick of yours?"

Maxfield: "Sure. I believe in that the fates of every living
people are governed by the stars and their movement. For
example, there's your star, Molly. And you see that path? That
path leads to a great power and energy."

Molly: "Humph! No wonder I've been designated the official
battery of the Negaverse!! Hey, what's it doing?"

Molly's star separated from the cosmos and lowered toward her.
She started to back away but Maxfield held her.

Maxfield: "Don't be afraid, Molly. The stars want to help you
in the same way they raised me from the dead. They wish to give
you your more heartfelt dream you wished on them."

Molly: "You mean . . ." She turns to the star. "You can make
me . . . a real Sailor Scout?"

The star--now just an inch from her face--spoke to Molly for a
moment in a language that only her understand, then hovered even
closer to her, until it passes into her chest. Upon impact,
Molly's body was jolted with the orgasmic felling of having her
energies cranked up several notches. She gasped once as the star
penetrated her, but then totally relaxed as it entered her heart
and began to spread all through her body by the bloodstream. All
of her senses were drowning in an overflow of input. Her body
began to levitate in air as she appear to chance . . . grow older
. . . taller . . . she'll age to about 17 years chronologically
before this step is done. Her open eyes were staring blankly
into space, which just happened to be contained in her eyeballs.

Knowing that it'll be some time before Molly comes down from this
cosmic power 'high' she in, Maxfield returns to the stars to
check up on the real Scouts. He doesn't know why, he's just

Images burn in his head of a two-tailed fox with the Scouts.
"Hmmm. It appears that there's a new player in the game. And a
powerful one too, may I add. . . So he's the one who nearly broke
Zoey's arm with that Power Rangers-type weapon. This will be
interesting to watch. Although he must do something about his
Furry Mucking addiction; it's beginning to show. Hahaha."

What Nephrite was spying at is the Scouts taking their new
Crockett Mechs out for a practice spin. Especially Sailor Moon
and FoxFire in their two seater.

Sailor Moon: "So this is our baby, eh Big Brother? <g> Let's
see these controls make it look like a Video Game."

FoxFire: "Yeah, these BattleTechs're made to be controlled
easily. You steer while I work the weapons. Think you can
handle it, sis?"

Moon: "Hey, with this Virtual Reality style Enhanced Imaging
visor I have on, no sweat. I think I played the computer game
version of it one time, and I whipped it--"


Moon: "Oh-oh, it's stuck! The controls are jammed! I
couldn't've break it already--"

FoxFire: "Don't panic, you're just up against a rock, push the
right thumb button and pull the throttle in reverse."

Moon: "There! That helps. We can move again! Hey, I see some
blips go up on this radar screen."

FoxFire: "The four green blips are the rest of the Scouts.
You'll see their names by their respective dots. The red one's
our target. It's in our weapons range."

Moon: "Hmmm, but I can't see it."

FoxFire: "Make a right turn and you will. You see that outlined
angle at the top of the screen? You need to have the red blip in
that slice."

Moon: "mmmm, okay . . . . There it is! Turn it into swiss
cheese! . . . <FoxFire fires slow and steady at the military
target.> Hey, what gives? I thought you'd just fire full-tilt
like you always do."

FoxFire: "Can't. We'd risk overheating the Mech. That is not
good. That is bad. Not only will it'll stop operating then, but
we'll run the risk of it blowing up--with us in it!! But if I
fire at an 'off-speed,' we'll won't have that problem."

Moon: "You hear that Raye? No Burning Mandellas in your

Mars, over the comm: "I *know* that, Serena! :-P David, If we
could all take turns firing, we'll be able to keep a continuous
fire at our targets, right."

FoxFire: "You read my mind, Mars."

Within a few minutes of taking turns firing off, at first
sporadically but eventually with some rhythm, the busted tank was
reduced to shrapnel, to the joyous chorus of six Scouts with
their new toys. . . .

Raye: Mind if I ask you a personal question?

David slides out from the Jeffrey's Tube in the Lamboghini Tardis
to answer: Tell me your question first, then I'll tell you if I
mind or not.

Raye: Well, what was it with you and Zoisite? We all know he's
really a gay man, but he doesn't do the stuff that'll get people
to go homophobic on him.

David: You didn't know him about a decade ago. In fact, Zoey
was the one who gave me a really nasty experience with the
homosexual lifestyle back in Junior High.

Raye is giving her newest teammate her undivided attention at
this time. She did sense something from him she couldn't put a
finger on yet, and it was rising at this point. She could feel
this fox boy being an outcast--berumcumin (sp?)--long before he
grew an extra pair of ears and two tails. And it was caused by
the Negaverse!

"I didn't have the best luck with the girls. In fact I wouldn't
have a snowball's chance in Hell of having a girl fall in love
with me. So, when Zoisite come to town pushing his Homosexual
agenda and said that one in every ten people are destined to be
gay, every school kid in that school pointed at me. Naturally
that had them pushing their doctrine down their throats, and as a
kid, I couldn't tell them from every other bully in that school.
It was through the grace of whatever God I had at the time to get
out of there with my virginity intact. But, the damage to my
character was done, I'm afraid. The rumor mill ran twenty-four
hours a day on my "homosexuality" and I was branded a Gay without
any say on my own. Even members of my own family believed it.
Heck, I would have sex with all five of you right in front of
them and they'll *still* call me a Gay! So could you come
accusing me of being a homophobe? Can you really . . . blame

"No on both counts, FoxFire," said Luna, speaking for all of the
Scouts, who kinda listened in (The majority were in tears by
now). "I wouldn't consider you homophobic, racist, or sexist;
especially after you told us that. You were hurt by the
Negaverse in a manner I wouldn't expect. And by someone you will
meet again . . . "

David: You mean?!

Luna: You missed him, David. Zoicite managed to slip away with
only a serious wound on his left arm. But that's not important
right now. We have to battle Grimlord. . ."

Luna turns away at first, to tell the Scouts to get in the car,
but she felt that she needs something else said. She returns to

" . . . but in a way, I realize this thing called a "White Man's
Burden" is having walked alongside you for a few weeks. Your
world's going down the crapper with all these political issues.
It's almost like a foreign force taking your heritage, your
opportunities, your pride and even your safety. I can see why
your type's easy pickings for these skinhead hate groups, much
like the Bloods and the Crips to the inner city black youth. . .
I have it on good knowledge that, before the Piasa Incident,
after that Multicultural Revisionist History Teacher flunked you
for being a redneck, you wished on a star for an alternative to
the Saint Louis chapter to the White Aryan Resistance. I believe
we have that alternative now."

David's answer wasn't immediate. He just let Luna hop in his lap
and pet her until she purred. "You're right, kitty," he finally
said. "You're right. . . Do you think I can get one of those
cool marks on my forehead?"

"I-I-I-I-I-I dunnnooo . . . "

By noontime, the Scouts say goodbye to Huxton CO, a temporary one
to Edward and the Rangers Alumni as they head for Angel Grove,
and they are off for a trek across the Mountain Time Zone to
Cross World city. With one stop for gas, what the Tardis turned
Lamboghini Countach Mobile Home uses to run in real-time, they
should be there by tomorrow morning. There was enough room for
all of them to keep themselves busy. Serena decided to keep up
with her web pages, something she found out was easy as pie with
the right programs to help her and Netscape Gold 3.0 to actually
write the files. But then again, she might just fall asleep in
the middle of all this. Ami decided to busy herself with the
circuitry to make the Tardis a Tardis again, in case they need
it. She also might take a crack at the Chameleon circuit, and
keep it from frying this time. Raye couldn't make a fire inside,
so she just picked a window seat and decided to take a long nap.
Lita took over the kitchen as the cook for the trip, and Minako
got in front of a computer terminal and is in the process of
fighting boredom with a joystick. Luna and Artemis went off in
one corner to take catnaps themselves, and Darien . . . He took
over the steering wheel after a few hours from David so he can go
off in another corner to allow his brain to de-archive more.

It couldn't de-archive fast enough for David Kintobor. He could
chart the progress by how red the fur gradually changes. When
that archive finally finishes restoring his Mobian life to his
memory, he'll see himself as a red fox with black points; where
he had his most happy times on Mobius as. There, he could throw
away this human existence Fate cruelly throws at his face. Where
he was considered as guilty for the sins of his ancestors as his
ancestors themselves. Constantly facing the despise of society
at large with no hope outside of the darkness of hate and anger
that claimed so many of his friends.

He thought that an social call to Queen Kitsune was in order. As
his mind reaches out across astral planes and continents, he
hoped that he wouldn't catch her in an improper time . . .

Queen Kitsune: "Well, I'm glad you didn't show up half an hour
ago, Davey. Me and Coyote were . . . well . . ." This made
David blush for a moment. "That's okay. What can I do for you,
kiddo? That archive in your head having problems?"

David: "Not really, ma'am, it's just that . . . I'm getting
impatient with it dissolving, that's all."

Kitsune: "It's not like the ZIP files you get on your Internet,
David, even though they operate to you similar. These things do
take their sweat time. I know. I had someone else with a memory
archive like yours and it took about a year to do it's job. If
it weren't so slow, the overloading and conflicting memories will
cause someone to go severely schizophrenic and sometimes be
fatal, and no one wants that."

David: "I understand, your majesty. These memories are
cherished to me over the years. They're happier days compared to
my existence on Earth."

Kitsune: "I realize that, and that's why I have an idea to help
you out: You know that your sister over there likes video games.
Why don't you share your memories with her? Just reach out
mentally to her mind like what you're doing right now, and give
her a dream of being on Mobius, she'd just love to meet that cute
hedgehog, Sonic. . . . "


It was dark except for Raye and the Auto-pilot; she said it's her
turn to drive. A four legged fox slowly crept to Serena's bed,
where she was sleeping soundly. The fox slowly approached her
face with his probing nose, and felt the sweet breath spilling
over his face.

The crescent moon casted a sole beam through the window and
illuminated the very moment their two noses touch. The fox
moaned a soft lullibye as he worked his magic on her . . .

"OOF!!" "OW!!" "HEY!!" "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!"

The next thing, Sailor Moon, she has landed on top of a blue
quilled hedgehog and a two-tailed orange fox at about the
hedgehog's size, which was up to her front bow tie. She herself
was in costume, but her hair style was replaced with real long
floppy ears. Her skin were replaced with soft fluffy white fur,
and she could swear she felt a cottonball tail on her rear end.
In short, she became--

Sailor Moon: "GAAAAAAA!! I'M A RABBIT!!"

Sonic: "And I'm a hedgehog. Sonic Hedgehog, that is."

Moon: "Did you say Sonic? Wow! Kwel! <ggggggg> I've played
all your games."

Sonic taps his foot: "Aw man, not another one from Earth.
What's Sega doing? Selling tickets?"

Tails: "Do you think this is Pippkin coming back to Mobius to
get at Davey, Sonic?"

Moon: "Pippin? Who's Pippkin?"

Sonic: " . . . nah, this rabbit looks too air-headed to be
Pippkin. . ."

Moon: "Humph!"

Sonic: ". . . besides, you've dropped your ID. 'Sailor Moon'
isn't it?"

Moon: "yes, I am . . . 'Sailor Moon: The champion of justice,
on behalf of the moon--"

Sonic: "Which one, Sailor Moon? We have four on Mobius."

Tails: "Yeah, and shouldn't it be Moon Sailor? It's better

Moon groans with one of her trademark huge drops of sweat going
down the back of her head.

Sonic: "<sigh> Well, as long as you're here, I might as well
show you around, let's bail, Tails . . . "

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